What Would Happen If We Could Hear Our Bodies? Simple Answer

We are constantly overcrowding our senses. We override our body’s actual needs a lot. We ignore the fact that we need to rest, because we are too busy ‘doing’. We could keep things simple, couldn’t we?
We often think ‘I shouldn’t’…
Eat this pizza
Have this argument
Stay up this late

I often think, isn’t it amazing that we walk around in our bodies, yet for the most part we have no idea what is going on in them.

We are not conscious of whether our muscles are contracting to maintain the correct position, or whether our liver is optimally detoxing. We take it for granted and then we are surprised when we get ill or feel pain and wonder what happened!


I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Ayres (Ayurvedic Practitioner). She made the very valid point that our body is always telling us something if we listen. It is always telling us that we would be better to do, and not to do certain things.  But we generally don’t pay attention. We don’t take the time to listen, or we don’t hear. Why? Because we have deadlines, because we want to momentarily feel better, because we want to prove our point.


Dr. Samuel Jun has reminded me many times, that most of us don’t stop to consider that we take the qualities of our external environment and we internalize. There is no space left for reflection, and for realizing what damage we are doing to ourselves, to others, and to our planet.

Whatever you are surrounding yourself with, so is your inside; mind and body.

The qualities of our mind are created by what we are taking in through our senses; the foods we are eating, the messages we are hearing and seeing, how we are talking to ourselves and others. This is why many of us often feel restless, tired, depressed, anxious, have problems sleeping, put on weight etc etc etc.

If we start listening,  get out of the way of doing the things that don’t actually serve us,  and make different choices we start to feeling better immediately. For example, if you cut down on listening to the news, which is generally all bad news, you are then taking in less negative information. Simple. Yet I know so many people who feel it is there moral obligation to listen to and read all the news every single day.

If you don’t already have a method already, how are you going to remind yourself to block our or change some of the internal and external chatter, and just listen to your body?

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