Life Could Be So Simple But We Are Too Busy

Life Could Be So Simple But We Are Too BusyI was not busy. I had a mind-blowing experience.

Wait for it…

I sat in silence…

For an hour…

Drinking Tea

At a Chinese Tea Ceremony in Tuscany!


We sat in silence and sipped tea as the sun rose, and a mist in the distance rested over a valley, as the birds circled the fields and the wild boars in the distance make whatever noise boars do…a loud yell!

Surrounded by hills, trees and land.

Our Tea-Master focused on making the tea and facilitated the silence.

There were nearly 40 people who had gathered from all over the world. In conversation afterwards, we shared that we had all had similar experiences… There were so many feelings of gratitude and appreciation away from our busy lives… There were so many tears… there was a feeling of connection with ourselves and our surroundings…in silence.


Afterwards, everyone shared having had the feeling, that everything is connected. We all marveled at how we all so busy and we are create separation; from each other: – human from human, human from animal, human from land, work from life…

Modern life doesn’t put emphasis on feeling with nature, connecting with our surroundings.

We compartmentalize everything in our lives and our surroundings. We create polarization, Trump vs Clinton, Western vs. Eastern medicine, Good vs. Evil, Science vs. Art. We create ‘either’, ‘or’ and ‘but’….instead of ‘and’.

When we sit in silence, we realize the connection with our breath; our breath with our body, our breath with our mind (without having to analyse), our breath with our spirit (without knowing what that is perhaps), our breath with our surroundings.

In every day life, I find it challenging to make time to sit in silence. I generally feel like I should be using my time productively, being busy. Other than a few, I think most people I know and have met,  feel the same way.


The quality of our life and our health and well-being is the quality of the connection with ourselves and with others and with nature around us. What many of us do is busy ourselves; overworking, shopping, watching television, consuming fast food, alcohol, drugs, sugar…ingesting, ‘doing’ mindlessly, numbing ourselves away from a connection to what is important. We do much of this unconsciously.

When is the last time you offered yourself some taste of peace from within yourself and with the beautiful world we live in?

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